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Scale button not working

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      I've been trying to scale a logo in video. I've tried everything with the editor trying to do new ways of finding the scale button. It keeps sayings its unavailable, even when I click on the image that I've been trying to scale. 

     I recently have been getting frustrated with it cause I really want to make my videos look, crisp clean, and more professional with my logo on it so someone else can't steal my content.

     If their is any ways to help I will gladly accept any ideas to this problem.


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You placed the logo on the time line and clicked the FX button in its thumbnail?  Then did you click the green + sign at the top left and choose the SCALE effect?

What format is the image?  Can you share it  by uploading to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like and posting the link here.  Someone will test it.

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  • Place your clip/image (logo?) on the timeline. Any track will do but remember upper tracks will obscure lower tracks.
  • At the left end of the track on the timeline is a box marked FX. Left click it. The effects window will open.
  • The first tab at the top of this window is a green plus sign. Click it.This opens a window containing the effects .


  •   aG0UJ.jpg


  • Select Scale as shown above and the control window for this effect will display and a scale rectangle will appear in the clip preview pane
  • Adjust the handles on this rectangle or the slider values in the control area to change the clip/image scale.
  • Using the red cursor line and setting keyframes will allow you animate the effect.

Do these steps work??

If effects are missing from the display area they may not have loaded during initialisation. reinstalling VP may rectify this


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