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"Project data folder can't be found"

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Each time I try to open two of my mixpad files I get this error message: "Project data folder can't be found: MixPad cannot open the project data folder...Has this folder been deleted or moved?" I have not moved or deleted the project data folder, in fact it is right next to my audio file just like the rest of my mixpad files that are working correctly.  What gives? why are these two files not opening when I have the project data folder in the right place?

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There are many reasons why, for instance: corruption of data, the data folder is currently damaged, an application error when loading the file, you selected the wrong project file to be open...

If the issue only occurs with two project files only,  possibly, the case is related to damage files, but you can try to reinstall the software, restart your system and reload the files to test.

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