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Is there a way to "animate" a picture?

dat boi

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Alright so, i want to make a small .gif where space goes through my eyes (moving) like this: IMG, the problem is that i have no clue how to move my space image, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance




edit: by moving i mean like going from the left to the right

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In general, simple movement is created with the Position effect and employing keyframes as explained in Borate's link. However simply moving your background space image means that it will leave a blank area from where is moves from. If you will excuse the pun..it must have "space" to move.    In effect the image must be bigger than the frame. I think the best way to allow for movement in this way is to use the Zoom effect, keeping the AR the same and reducing the area enough to give a reasonable effect for the duration of the clip. A simple horizontal movement would be acheived by making the start height of the zoom area the same as the end height and creating a keyframe at each position. If you are not sure how to do this come back on the forum for more details.


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Hi again

Here is a mockup of what I think you may be after... Main Track image is your "Space" image (Actually M42 in Orion) The overlay image is a .gif image with a transparent background and "open" eyes.

I have used the Zoom effect to set the "Space" image large enough to scroll with the AR restrained to 16:9 and the rectangle set at the extreme left of the image. The red cursor line in the effects window is set at the start of the clip (left end) The 12th. tab (small green cross with lines) on the effects window is then clicked to set the 1st keyframe.......


Next, the red line cursor in the effects window is slid to the end of the clip. (Right end) The zoom frame is then moved to the right side of the image keeping it at the same height and a second keyframe is set......... (reversing the positions of the zoom frame will scroll the clip in the oposite direction)


The zoom rectange will automatically show full frame behind the overlay face and will be seen through the "eyes" as well as they are transparent. On playing the clip the "Space image" in the background will slowly (depending on the duration of the clip) move from right  to left behind the overlay face.'''' (Note what I said about the position of the zoom rectangle for each keyframe) Here's the the type of effect seen for this at the start-mid point and end of the clip. In this case the duration of the images was 10 seconds, The amount of zoom and the duration of the images will alter the speed of the effect.




Hope this helps and is something like what you are after.


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