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When i restored a deleted video i was editing, it restored, but now i cant edit my text.

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I deleted a file I had finished, but wanted to edit. I received the message: can not find missing file.

I figured out how to restore the file, but when i finally got onto videopad to edit, all the video and audio

was edited as it should,  but there was no editable text bars that i could adjust. the text still showed up in the video, though.

Ive been trying, but Ive found no way to edit the text. i cant even delete it!


P.S. Ive also tried putting a blank or a black picture to cover it so i can just put text on top, but the un-editable text still showed up.



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If the file was saved as VIDEO the text is now embedded and cannot be manipulated separately.  To do that, the project itself must be reloaded.

That said, it should be possible to mask the earlier text, perhaps using a higher numbered track, and then superimpose (overlay) new text, using the next higher numbered track.

Or you can test various effects, applied to the original material, such as scale, crop, etc.

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"How do you reload the project"

Every now and again as you edit your work it's a good idea to save it, particularly if you have made a lot of important changes. This can be done by selecting "Save" or "Save as" from the File menu. "Save" overwrites any previous save so earlier work is in effect lost, whilst "Save as" allows you use a different name and so keeps the previous save.

These options do NOT save your constituent files. They create a .vpj project file which only contains  the instructions regarding your project; clip names and their locations on your PC etc. as well as all the data regarding your editing. There are no actual clips saved.

Double clicking the saved .vpj file will reload your project. You can also load a .vpj file directly from the "Open Project" option in the VP File tab as well as from the opening splash screen.

If you have moved or deleted any of the clips that make up your project VP will not find them and you will be warned regarding this.

If you wish to save ALL the data for your project then save your work using "Save Portable Project as" This makes copies of all the clips as well as creating a .vpj file.and puts everything into a new folder. Each time this option is used a new individually dated and numbered folder is created.


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As Nat noted, the VPJ file tells VP where to find the files, which it cannot do if they have been moved.

It may give the option to locate them manually, but of course that won't help if they've been deleted.

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