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Hi there. I have never done a project like this. I thought my concept was simple enough that with a few tutorials, I could pull it off.... I was WRONG. All I want to do is use 15 seconds of one vdeo, and 15 seconds of another, Start with a Title at the beginning, transition to text with about 50 words. End with a scrolling page of title... and ONE 30 second audio behind it all. If I could figure this out, I could do some other text over images between the videos or at the end. This is KILLING me. I am 2 days past my deadline, and still clueless. I pray someone will help me. 

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If you want a title over blank video, ADD BLANK from the toolbar and choose a color.  Place it on track one.  Then ADD TEXT, compose your title and place it on track two (just above track one).  Use the same next-higher numbered track method for superimposing text over any video.  The ADD TITLE configuration box has scroll options.

There are various ways to isolate a portion of a clip.  You could place the entire clip on the timeline, then SPLIT the start and SPLIT the end of the desired portion - in essence creating a new clip within the original.  Then delete the undesired parts and right-click, close any gaps.

Or you might click on the clip in the media bin (top-left area) drag the scrubber (red line) to where you want to first see the clip.  Click the START button.  Then drag the scrubber to where you want the clip to end and click the END button.  Now click the small chevron to the right of the PLACE button - under the preview window - to see the choices of where to place the clip on the timeline.   (Note that the same button displays SPLIT or PLACE, as needed.)

To sum up, once the video clips are in place, titles/text be added on the next-higher track.  Sound clips can be dragged below the video tracks, where it says "drag and drop your audio clips here to mix."

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