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  • Added new title templates. Title templates are clips contain specified animation effects. The duration of the animation can be adjusted independently. There are 11 title templates added in this release.
  • Added new export feature - Lossless export. This feature will export sections from the input video without decoding and re-encoding therefore the export is much faster and without quality loss. Below are requirements to export a section losslessly:
    • The input video codec is H.264 or MPEG4.
    • Input resolution and frame rate must be the same as output.
    • No overlaying which means the section can only contain one track.
    • No effect applied.
    • No transition. If a clip contains a transition, the section that covered by the transition can not be exported losslessly.
    • Lossless eligible sections must occupying more then 10% of the sequence.
  • Added import/export support for APNG format. APNG format employed lossless compression and allows transparent background (alpha channel).
  • A video project can now be uploaded on to YouTube as 360 degree video.


  • Pan & Zoom effect does not work properly if start/end point has changed.
  • Fixed issues uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook.
  • Fixed in some cases transparent overlaying produce incorrect color.
  • Fixed issues for text with empty lines.
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