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Registration help please, i don't understand?


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I'm trying to register my Broadwave software but i don't understand how to do that...

I put in my code from my purchase email but it still does not switch to the pro version...

I'm dyslexic and the docs are very confusing to me, can someone guide me how to make this work please...??? 

Thank You,





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IF you have a Windows system, follow the steps below:

1- Open the program.
2- From the top left corner, click the 'File' menu.
3- From the dropdown menu select 'Register software..' 
4- Once the registry pop-up window comes up, enter the registration code (numbers, dash and letters with no space in between) in the field given for that purpose and click on Register.  

IF you have a Mac OS, follow the steps below:

1. Open the software
2. With the program window active (current window on top), click on the name of the program located right next to the apple logo -top left corner of your screen.
3. From the menu select the option to Register.
4. Enter the registration code (numbers-letters) and click on Register.    

 Best regards, 



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