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Make Voxal recognize hot keys while in another application?

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I stream and I'd like to toggle the voice effect on and off. Obviously this can be done IN voxal using F3 however how can I go about making voxal recognize that hotkey while I'm in a fullscreen app, like a game for example.

Why does Voxal not use a system hook for it's keybinds/hotkeys? Or maybe it does and I'm doing it wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I found a work around for this problem. You can create an AutoHotKey script fairly easily to create a global hotkey. The code bellow is an AHK script that will send the F3 key to the app when its not the active window and works great. You can even change the hotkey you use to make it work. !^v:: = Ctrl+Alt+v. If you have the paid version you may need to change the window title to whatever it is.


ControlSend, , {F3}, Voxal by NCH Software - (Unlicensed) Non-commercial home use only



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