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Putting circle or underline word in a video.


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I need help here, I have a tutorial video that am working on. I want to be able to put a circle or underline on the word or something I want my audience to put their attention to. Is there a way to do that please help.


Thanks in advance for your quick response

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Two approaches...

On the left, using the U button in the VP's text editor toolbar.

On the right, a .png image overlay (from Google images), that can be scaled, positioned, etc. with VP's effects tool.  Circles work the same way



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Thanks borate for your quick response, could you please explain more(steps to take) better so i can understand what you are asking me to do here. I think the second option you gave would be more suitable for what i want to do.

e.g Lets say out of all the words on this page i want to put a square or circle or underline on this word alone. 

Thanks for your help, Remember am a  newbie..


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It's a convoluted process, and someone may chime in here to suggest another route.  Experimentation will be necessary.  But, here's the general idea...

1.  Go to http://images.google.com or other image site and search for "png underline."  Pick a suitable PNG candidate, right click on it and SAVE AS.

2.  In Videopad video track one will be the background.  In this case it's your text.

3.  ADD the PNG file to the media bin, then drag it onto video track two, immediately above track one,  It should display as an overlay in the preview window.

4.  To size and position it, click on FX at the bottom-left of the PNG clip on the timeline. That opens the effects box.  Click the green + sign at the top-left.

5.  Click the VIEW icon below the preview window and verify that CLIP AND BACKGROUND is checked.

6.  In the effects box, click on the SCALE effect and UNcheck the "maintain aspect ratio" box.  Move the sliders to size the line.

7.  Click on the green + again and click the POSITION effect.  In the preview window there will be a crosshatch.  Click it and drag the line.  Or use the sliders.


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Adding circle or square is relatively simple and quick...

  • Place your text on Video Track 1 if you are just using text,
  • OR...if you have an underlying video clip place your video clip on Video Track 1 and your text clip on Video Track 2  so it overlays your video....The example here is just two text clips on Track 1 and Track 2....
  • Click "Add Text" and type a capital O. If you have it installed use "Century Gothic" font but any round "O" will do.
  • Place your "circle" on Video Track 2 or Video Track 3 (as appropriate)
  • Apply the "Position" effect to the "circle" and drag it to surround the letter or object required.
  • If it is too small or large simply alter the font size and then re-centre........



If you want a square (and have the font) then use Webdings "c"  .....


A rectangle or Oval is not really feasible with this method as the scale effect is limited to 3X in the horizontal direction and at the same time it thickens the vertical sides of the square.

Borate's suggestion of using underlining or a downloading a suitable png image in this case may be more appropriate





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If you know how to use an image editing software (e.g. GIMP), you can draw the shape on an image with transparent background. Save the image in PNG format and import it into VideoPad. The transparency will be retained so it can be used as an overlay clip.

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, however I've been able to follow @borate and @Nationalsolo suggestions. but the problem am having now is that i can't drag it to surround the letter i want, the dragging doesn't reflect in the sequence preview window. I only have two preview windows, one is for the text i added and the second one is for the video where i want to apply the text, but I can drag  text on the first window but i can't see the 2nd preview window whenever am dragging the text on the first window.

How do i get 2nd window to be visible when am dragging text on the first window, or how does it work?


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