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cannot get vrs to work


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Im reluctant to even post here as this seems to be a rarely posted subject on this forum.


I just purchased vrs recording for my win10 64 bit computer. Once it installed it recorded 2 phone calls and now absolutely nothing. All forms of recording voice other than this work.

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Please try the steps below in order to fix the issue:

-If you are using Voice Activated Record and the recording does not stop after a message is finished, trying increasing the "Voice Active Detect Level".

-If you do not see the black VU meters moving on the main screen of VRS you might need to manually select your sound record device. Go to Settings -> Options -> Channels -> Properties and select the Record Device (sound card) to use for the channel from the pull down list and click ok.

-If you see the VU meters moving on the main screen of VRS but it still does not start recording check your Record Start/Stop settings for the channel. To access these settings go to Settings -> Options -> Channels Tab -> Properties -> Start/Stop Properties Tab. Make sure the 'Voice Activated Recording' button is selected and adjust the 'Detect Time' and 'Detect Level' as necessary for your application.

-If you are using Voice Activated Recording and recording never starts, chops off the ends or stops early, reduce the "Voice Active Detect Level". If it is very low (-24dB or lower) then you may have a record volume problem.


***If the problem continues, please open a support ticket at supportnch@nchsoftware.com

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