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Very Dissappointed in this software

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I was really hoping this software would work for me. I own a small ATV/motorcycle parts and repair business. I needed 3 things a POS solution (copper) a inventory management solution (Inventoria) and lastly a decent accounting system...ah Express Accounting....Copper works well but one major problem...It does not post transactions "sales" to EA. why would this not be a feature?? I read everything I could find on it prior to purchasing the stuff and it did not say it would not, but did not say directly that it did, but left that impression. :(

Inventora seems to be a good app. Easy to use, lots of "on the fly" input, so you don't have to back out and make a category you forgot to earlier. it does sync to the others but just for inventory only

Express accounts....I thought this would be a lot more integrated than it is. I started by using the whole suite. Einvoice for the back shop, copper up front for the cash register inventoria for inventory and Eaccounts to record everything....sounds good right?....well not so. after realizing that invoices were not being picked up by EA that were created in express invoice until you record a payment. well that creates a problem with your accounts receivable  in EA....there is none...so I quit using Ei. so I was looking for a way to import those invoices into EA and there is a import for it....but beware when you use it, it wipes dam near the whole system. all payments entered, any other invoices created in EA it even wiped my journal, oh ya took out my logo too. it was like I had just installed it but with only the invoices from Ei. the only thing it did not wipe was my tax rate. so I lost 6 months worth of input and about $200 in purchasing this software. It really has the potential to be a good suite system if it all worked together not only syncing inventory but sales across the platform. it falls majorly short of what most people would reasonably expect this system to do in my opinion.

Just want to share my experience with NCH business software

Thank you



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