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Preview image is very small (in top 1/4 of black preview box)

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Total newbie here. I have started editing videos and noticed that the preview image of the video is very small. It takes up just the top left quarter of the preview window. It's making it difficult to see which part of the video I am editing. 

Any help much appreciated!



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First thing:  click the VIEW menu in the toolbar and RESTORE DEFAULT SETTINGS.

Having an image not centered in the preview window is odd.  Please take a screenshot and link it here.  The procedure is explained in the 'sticky' post at the top of this forum titled "Tips for getting help on this forum."

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I saw your screen shot on DropBox. I also tried the project file.

It looks like something to do with your display driver. Not only the video, the GUI seems messed up too.

We are investigating and try to reproduce the issue. Could you tell us what kind of video card are you using?

Could you please also try:

  • Export the video see if it has the same problem as the preview
  • Update the display driver
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Thank you all for the information and advice. Exporting a video resulted in a normal output.

Your suggestion of updating the display driver prompted me to look at the properties set for Videopad in Windows.

In properties, compatibility, settings, there is an option "overide high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by:".

I had the "system (enhanced)" option selected from the dropdown menu when the preview was small (1/4 of normal size). When I switched this option to "Application", the preview displayed the normal larger size.

This seems to have resolved the issue.

Many thanks again.

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