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Is there something that I am missing?


I have installed and registered BroadCam and it seems to work correctly.

I am using the latest update of Windows 10 on a system with over 3T of storage and 12G if ram.


The problem I am having is using the public network live stream link.


I have setup my router to forward port #86 as required.

This has been tested by independent software and proves “YES” the port is open.

I have also run the BroadCam “Web Routing and Test Wizard” and the status comes back as “Your network is configured properly.

I have also used BroadCam’s “Advanced Routing” and it comes back “Test connection to port 86 succeeded”.

In addition, I have used BroadCam’s “Open Firewall, with “Open Firewall successful” as the result.

This too has been tested independently.


No matter what I have done, it always comes back as "Page NOT Found”


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


BTW, this also happens using paid versions of BroadWave and Eyeline with appropriate ports open.




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I just got some help from NCH Tec Support.

These guys are good.


It seems that the Public Link IS working perfectly.

As it was pointed out to me that “Why would my router point me to the Public IP of my own computer”


Now I will try to git it to work on my phone but that is another problem.  




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