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Increasing part of clip speed


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I really need urgent help here please, is there a way to increase part of clip seed, when I selected the start and end of the portion I wanted to increase the speed and right click on it i didn't get any option to increase the speed, I only got an option to delete the selected area.

Any help please..

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This can't be done in clip preview....so...

  • Place the clip on the timeline and Split it where you want to start the speed increase (or decrease).
  • Split the clip again where you want to return to normal speed. (In effect you are creating a short length of the clip.)  (Note....A join between clips is considered as a split)
  • Right click the selected piece of the clip and then on "Change Clip Speed"
  • Change the value shown to increase or decrease the speed.
  • Click Set
  • VP will automatically adjust the clip's length.
  • If you don't want the audio in the section to alter pitch then tick the box.


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