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How To Make .PNG Files Transparent


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Hello, sadly Pixillion does not offer the option to edit images, it only converts formats, but NCH Software offers another program called PhotoPad which does offer the option to change the background on the images, but keep in mind that this will require some learning curve for you to get the best results with the image editing skills. If you wish to know more about Photopad you may check this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/photoeditor/index.html

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I downloaded the trial version of PhotPad, and cannot find any way to make my background color (red) be transparent, either in gif or png.  If I query help, it tells me to uncheck the fast-GIF-compression, but I can find no such preference or any way to find this feature.  All I need is a program on my Mac that lets me export a transparent gif or png.  If the help really is help, it will describe the step-by-step procedure for creating a transparent background, not just give useless advice.


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