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Audio Overlay/Linkage question


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Hello All,

I'm extremely new to video editing (in fact, this is my first every project) and need some help.  I've created a very basic video and need to add an audio track.  However, when I add the audio track to my video, I can't figure out how to overlay it on the existing video.  Currently, the audio track plays in its entirety in the location where I have dropped it in and then the sequence continues.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated for this Newbie!!

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OK. So far you have created a basic video and this will be on Video Track 1 (and possibly on higher tracks if you have overlaid clips) and if it has an associated soundtrack, this will be directly below it on Audio Track 1.

From what you desctibe you also have an audio clip that you wish to play with your edited video. The first step is to add the audio file to VP using the Add File button on the toolbar. It will then appear in the audio clip bin.

At the BOTTOM of the VP interface screen beneath Audio Track 1 you should see an unlabelled track with the text........ "Drag and drop your audio clips here to mix"

If you cannot see this line your preview area need to be reduced in size a bit. So,  grab the five small dots beneath the preview screen and pull them up to reduce the height of the preview space. This will then reveal the next unlabelled audio track mentioned above containing the line of text.

Now drag and drop your audio clip from the audio bin to this track which will become labelled Audio Track 2. Move it left/right to the point where you wish it to start playing.

Alternatively put the cursor line at the start of the video, select your audio clip and then click the black down arrow on the Place tab and use the "Overlay on Sequence at Cursor " option at the bottom. This will place your audio onto Audio Track 2 (even if it remains hidden.)

Note that both tracks will play (mix) so if you want to silence one of them you can mute it  by clicking the microphone icon at the left end of the track.next to the FX button and ticking the Mute box. (You could also click the microphone icon at the extreme left of the track in question. OR you could also right click the track and select "Mute Audio" from the list.)

Hope this helps.



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Drop the audio onto its own track.  It can be slid by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, to position it where desired.

You can also click the audio clip in the media bin (top-left of the interface) and "place clip on sequence.

Yet another option is to select a clip in the media bin, then click the small chevron to the right of the green arrow in the media bin toolbar.  That offers several placement options.



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