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CSV Importing & Exporting

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I have been so far been singularly unsuccessful with Importing CSV data, say customer lists etc.
Being an engineer I have gone back to simpler analysis skills.
1: Let's see what format NCH actually creates for a CSV, so I added to customers by hand in NCH Express Invoice, which worked OK, then Exported the list to a CSV file with defaults etc.
The result I got you can see below:

"Customer","Contact","FirstName","Address","Shipping Address","Phone","Phone2","Fax","EMail","Notes","Salesperson","Additional Info"
"Joe Bloggs","Joe Bloggs","Joe","","","011 888 1957","","","kenm@openworldit.co.za","","",""
"Mary JANE","Mary JANE","Mary","","","011 888 1957","","","kenmurd@gmail.com","","","" 

I think the key is to ensure the correct format of the CSV, please note the " [ quotes ] around the data fields etc.
My next step is to confirm this by re-importing from the above 2 line export file.
If it works then we have a 'Template' showing clearly how our foreign data should be formatted to be handled correctly by Express Invoice.

As i confirm my suspicions to be true or not I will feedback my results to this topic on this Forum.
I welcome all comments and shared experiences to be added.
Otherwise have a great day all.

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I SUCCESSFULLY imported from the simple 2 line CSV I had exported from Express Invoice, the Field assignment process works 100%,
so if we stick to the CSV rules a detailed above then I believe all should work as expected. For foreign data we need to a bit of bulk editing to ensure the data meets the requirements.
Onwards and upwards...

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How did you export the data from Invoice Express?  I want to export all of the "Items" data from Invoice Express and then import it into the Inventoria app and then allow the the sync process manage the items between both Invoice Express and Inventoria

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