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Can't go back, can't go to previous frame of a video, whatever

Simon Ghoul

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I fucking hate this with the huge amount of mistakes, glitches and lag for fuck sake 
I can't go back, I can't properly edit the video because I can't go to previous frame, help? it works sometimes but this is just annoying and why are there so many errors? is impossible for me to make a video without being annoyed while editing

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Editing can be exasperating, but that tone will only result in no one helping, or your post being removed.

Describe calmly and thoroughly, step-by-step, exactly what you are attempting to do.  What format, what effects or transitions, splits, etc.

If the explanation would be helped by an image or video, link it - from a server like Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc. - or insert it per instructions in the sticky post at the top of the forum, "Tips for getting help on this forum."

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Calm down! Just explain what clearly the problem (or observation) is and somebody contributing to the forum will most likely reply.

With regard to the "previous frame" difficulty; This is linked most probably to the FPS of your clip and the VP setting used to display the timeline. The smallest increment with VP is dependant on the FPS set under Tools/Options/Display 

If this is low (e.g. 15 fps) each click will move the cursor  0.067 seconds, if set to 60 fps the time increment will be 0,017 seconds. It means that clicking the "Next Frame" repeatedly may show the same frame until the cursor has moved sufficiently to actually show the next frame. As your video may also have be shot in a 29.7 fps or 25 fps etc. synching the next frame on the timeline can result in uneven clicks to see the next frame...

e.g. 2..then.3...then.2...then 1..etc.

What other errors are you seeing?


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Already fixed it, I just had to reinstall but how do these bugs happen all by itself? It pisses one off, I already have to tolerate how hard is to watch a preview on a video and I already have one video that went completely wrong on the effects (because I couldn't see a preview)


My FPS has always been 30, the preview is not slow it just takes time loading and I don't think fps have nothing to do with being unable to go to what happened in the previous frame, because it wasn't going slow it was just not letting me go back and instead of going back it went ahead on the video


Note: it was working before but it just one day decided to don't let me go back

Edited by Simon Ghoul
Adding something to make note that I had used the program for a long time and that it has always been giving me errors randomly that I had to fix, nothing related to being badly configurated
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