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how to transition from preview to full video

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Feeling embarrassed. Opening a new file in Video Pad. My file (a video I want to change) drops to left side. I see Sequence preview. I also see the video in clip review. I want to remove the last 1/2 of the video content, but all this screen gives me is a preview of about 40 seconds. How do I transition the full video onto the video track so I can edit it as I need to . I can't seem to find the icon that takes the video from PREVIEW mode. If I drag it onto the video and audio track, I still only get the PREVIEW option.

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" Feeling embarrassed. "

No need to be :-)  Here are the basic operations if you are not sure.

Open VP and load your video.You can do this by clicking the "Open" tab on the toolbar, navigating to your video and selecting it with "Open". VP will install your video in the "Clip Bin". on the left area of the main screen. (You can also drag and drop your video directly here), Your video will be highlighted (selected) in the bin and will automatically appear as a Clip Preview in the right hand pane.

You can now drag and drop the clip from the bin onto the sequence line (Video Track 1) or you can select it and use the small green down-arrow to place it. On the timeline your video will be highlighted and the Clip Preview screen will now become the Sequence Preview . Adding a further clip(s) to the clip bin from your PC will repeat the different previews.

You can toggle between the preview windows using the tabs above the window. Clip preview shows the thumbnails with some selection controls and play buttons. Sequence preview shows playbuttons and etc, but no thumbnails.

You can show BOTH preview screens side by side by right clicking the window and choosing "Change Preview Settings" followed by ticking "Show dual previews"., or you can click Tools/Options/Display.to get the same option.

You can enlarge the preview window to near full screen by clicking the small arrowed box in the top right hand corner or to Full screen by clicking the >> at the right hand end of the toolbar and selecting "Preview"


So much for the basic setup......All your video (if it is a single clip) will be on the timeline and you should be in Sequence Preview.

Note: If your video is actually a VP project made up of several clips and you are in CLIP PREVIEW mode you will only play and see the selected clip......not the whole video.  (This may be the reason you only see a short length of your video). To play the whole video you must be in SEQUENCE PREVIEW mode but note that the starting position will be the position of the red sequence cursor line.

Now----To remove 1/2 of your video which you have on the timeline;

  • Check you are in SEQUENCE PREVIEW.
  • Press the play button and stop at the required end point, (or drag the red cursor line to this point.) 
  • Press the "Split" button which is beneath the preview screen (and only visible in Sequence Preview). This will split your video. 
  • Right Click the end or section you want to remove.
  • Select "Delete" from the menu.

If this leaves a gap in the timeline then click the gap and select "Close the gap" from the menu.

If your video IS a single clip .........then another method which is only slightly more complicated (but quicker) is to select your video on the timeline and then toggle the preview to CLIP PREVIEW. Now slide the red START marker  [ to the start of your selection and the blue END marker ]  to the end of your selection. If your video clip is already on the timeline it will be edited automatically; if you are doing the edit f from a clip in the clip bin you now click the "Place" button to put your selection on the timeline. (There is a down arrow for choice of various positions)

Hope this makes things a bit clearer.




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Nat. Thanks for your detailed response. 

I think I am doing everything correctly, but for whatever reason, when I drag my unedited video from the bin to the timeline, both the clip preview and the sequence preview are the identical length..about 45 seconds. I thought I may have corrupted the original video, so checked, but it is the full 1 1/2 hour long. 

As I said, I simply want to shorten the original video. This seems like a no brainer, but I just cannot get the sequence preview to show the full video. 




I have closed the complete program, and started from scratch, but same result.


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This seems like it might be a problem with the actual Video Clip.

When you load the Video to the clip bin (empty timeline) and then hover the mouse over it, what duration is shown in the little info window that appears??  For example this shows an .avi clip called Bourgerel with a duration of  46 minutes 58.48 seconds.


What duration does your clip show?   Is it 1:30:00:000 or so or does it show 0:00:45:000 or so???

Note that in the Clip Preview window (shown here) the duration is also reproduced below the thumbnails This should show the same values i.e. Clip start- Clip end. ( 0:00:00:000 - 0:46:58.480 )  N:B These will be the marker positions before any editing has been done, so the right hand figure should match the duration value shown in he info box.

Is this the case and are they the same?



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I tried another approach.  

I put another video that I had done some years ago into my laptop CD player. I opened Video pad (licensed) and tapped on Open Icon on left upper side.


I directed VP to the large file to open ( which was from the cd in my E drive).


it took about 2 minutes to load.

When the clip preview came through, input my cursor on the file as I suggested. It shows 40 seconds..the same as on the Sequence Preview.

Obviuosly there is a setting wrong somewhere?  Any ideas?



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Please download this VP_test.vob file and use ADD FILE to import it into the media window.  May take a few minutes.  Don't place it on the timeline.

Mouse over the file.  In the popup that appears, what is shown as the length of the file.  (Note:  File will be deleted from the server on 6/8/17.)

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