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Does copper auto update sales to express accounts

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Does copper auto update sales to express accounts? if so how do I set this? Copper, EA, Inventoria all synced through Inventoria. Also have express invoice installed (and Synced) and it is not putting invoices (sales) into Express Accounts either. It does remove from items from inventoria but no sales are recorded in any other program other than the one it was created in.    Any help would be appreciated.


I found the "import from express invoice" option so that is solved. Figured it would be auto.

Now need the copper sales to post to express accounts


Thank you

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Please be aware, the synchronization is between Copper and Inventoria or Express Accounts/Express Invoice and Inventoria. Express Accounts does nor integrates or synchronize with Copper and viceversa...the synchronization is based on Inventoria only.

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