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How to change to aspect ratio of the actual video? (NOT just black bars or cropping)

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I recorded footage that was supposed to be 4:3 but accidentally became a 16:9 video.

Now I want to fix this by using VideoPad to export the video to 4:3.


The problem is, that VideoPad adds black bars to the top and bottom of the video.

I assume that VideoPad does this so I maintain the aspect ratio.

But I do not want to maintain the aspect ratio, I want to change it. (to 4:3)

Cropping the image is no option, as important parts would be lost.


To make it more clear with an example:


1. This would be the the original video file. It should be 4:3 (perfect squares) but is 16:9 (stretched squares) instead:




2. This is the video that I want VideoPad to export.

The aspect ratio changed to 4:3 to remove the stretching and to get the perfect squares:




3. But this is the video that I actually get from video pad. Same unwanted aspect ratio, but with black bars added:




What I do:

I click on export, I manually insert the exact 4:3 resolution that I want.

Then I get to choose: "Crop Edges" "Resize to Fit" "Cancel"

I chose "Resize to Fit".


Crop is no valid option.

I get the same stretched visuals from the picture at 1., but with parts of the image missing on the left and the right:





So please tell me that there is a way to actually change the aspect ratio of videos with your software.

(And not just the resolution of the file, while the video stays the same, with black bars top+bottom or information missing left+right.)

Re-recording the footage is not possible, and I don't think that I'm asking for sorcery.

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In the media bin, right-click the clip, click ASPECT RATIO and choose 4 X 3.

The result here exports just as displayed in the preview window - if a 4:3 resolution is specified.

If "auto-detect" is chosen for the export resolution, then click RESIZE at the prompt.

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Thank you for your reply.


While this fixed the aspect ratio, I do get back borders on all sides now.

To use that example image from my post, this is how the result looks now:




I did it exactly as you said (auto-detect resolution) as well as by manually entering the 4:3 resolution in the export process.


But one step closer!

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I see this is a year old, but I had a similar issue and here is the solution, I believe.

In the media bin, right click, aspect ratio is 4:3 if your video is stretched. If not and you just want a 4:3 frame, leave this alone.

Now you've got a 4:3 video in a 16:9 box. Right click the clip in the media bin again, to crop clip to 4:3; that's perfect. When you export choose whatever you like in 4:3.

So many people don't do this correctly and upload 4:3 clips in 16:9 black containers. Thanks for the hint borate.

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