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missing customer and invoices


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For customer without names I have a customer name set up as "cash sale" and use that as such. Therefore I have a list of invoices built up over the last year or two under that name however I now notice that "cash sale" is missing from the list of customers and also all invoices from that "customer" have disappeared too.

I have definately not been into the customers list and deleted any as I never go into that section. Any other reason how it could have disappeared and is it normal that if a customer has been deleted, then it would also delete all associated invoices with that customer?

I do have backups so is there any way it is possible that the customer and the previous invoices could be restored without affecting my current data?


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When you go to View > Customer list, make sure the filters at the top are set to "All", then click on the header of the "Customer" column to arrange them in alphabetical order. Look for the "Cash Sale" customer. Do the same with the invoices, go to View > Invoices, set the filters at the top to "All", arrange the invoices alphabetically using the "Customer" column and look for the invoices of Cash Sale.

If the invoices or customer are not there, you can try to restore the backup folder, but that will replace all your current information with the one on the backup, there's no way to not affect your current data.

If further assistance is required, enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html 
Make sure to include your registration code and version of Express Invoice (v #.##) located at the bottom left corner of its main window.

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Thanks for the reply, I did have all filter set to "all" but somehow the ones for that "cash sale" customer cease to exist. I went through my last back up which was quite recent and luckily not too much has changed so I've just readded any changes since then manually so all ok now!

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There is no way to recover that, you will need to add it again manually or you will need to restore a backup that has the information. If you did one recently if not it you will lose any information you have added since your last backup as well.

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