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sequence getting automatic black background


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If you look at the top-left of the panel where the video is displayed, there are 2 tabs: "Clip Preview" and "Sequence Preview".

  • "Clip Preview" is used for editing a single clip at a time, and has a standard "transparent" checkered background. (It will display whatever clip is currently selected, either on the timeline ("track clips") or the panel on the left ("bin clips", in the "clip bin").
  • "Sequence Preview" shows what will be exported, and automatically applies a black background. This is done because almost all video formats don't support transparency, so this is most likely what you're going to get when exporting.

If you don't want black in the background of the sequence preview, you need to move the image clip to a higher track, and put in the background underneath it i.e.


"Video track 2: |  caterpillar-logo.gif   |       "

"Video track 1: |  blank clip                 |      "



Also, it would have been better to create a new thread for this, as the one you posted in was over a year old, and pertained to a different version of VideoPad.


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I thought it would be good to continue on this past post since it seemed relative. If there's a forum admin that can split this thread I can send a request.

Anyway. I already have tried adding in a blank color layer like you mentioned and applying a green screen affect. I still end up with the black background. I'm trying to export the video in a .webm format. This is so I can use the video as what's called a stinger transition in live video streaming. I had managed to do this with lightworks before. I was hoping to use videopad since it's more user friendly and this isn't the primary focus of the broadcast.

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Right, one of us may have misunderstood.

The black background in the sequence preview isn't "real", it's just what the video is displayed against. There's no need to use the "blank clip + green screen" method, as there's nothing to remove.

Unfortunately, VideoPad doesn't support encoding alpha into the .webm format at the moment. The only way currently to achieve this in VideoPad is to export to a .gif, but that sounds like it may not be useful to you. (There's also Image Sequence export, but that sounds like it would be even less useful to you).

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