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Motion blur effect is visible in the clip preview but not in sequence preview


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I am trying to add a motion blur effect to my video. I have put the video in the timeline, and then I open the effects panel by right-clicking on the video in the timeline (not in the media window) and clicking "effects". The effect window open fine, I am able to add my motion blur, adjust keyframes, and everything seems to work. I can clearly see the motion blur in effect in the clip preview (my links to pictures won't accept), but when I try viewing it in the sequence editor, it doesn't look like there's any motion blur beyond what comes with the camera. Is this just a visual bug and the rendered video will look fine, or is there something else wrong that I need to fix?



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Using version 5.02 the Motion Blur works fine here and It is visible in both Preview and Sequence.panes, (In fact it is the same clip, split in the middle with the effect applied to one of the two sections.) The change between the treated section and the untreated one is obvious.

Check the clip you are using. A lot depends on the speed of the subject and the level of blur applied. Low levels may not be too noticable as would be the case of slow subject movement. (Obviously it won't work on static images. :-) )

Try it out with a clip of something moving quite fast across the field of view and blur set to 800



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