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Adding a header or footer to a video for text comments

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Is there a way to resize the video height in order to add a header and footer block to place text that can be shown for specific periods of time?  

I'm not talking about putting text inside the video itself, but about adding a new header section with text above the current video, and/or adding a footer section below the video, where text can be added throughout the video.

Like this...


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One approach...

Track one:  Your main video

Track two:

ADD BLANK from the toolbar.  Any color.  Open effects for that track by clicking the FX on that track in the timeline.

Click the MASK icon (smaller green + sign to the right of the larger green +) and create a polygon mask.  Shape it by dragging the handles in the preview window.

Click the larger green + sign and add a transparency effect.  Drag the opacity slider to the far left.

Track three:

ADD TEXT of the desired color and move it to the top.  Text can be place by using either the positioning icons in the text window or by dragging it in preview.  Drop the clip onto track three.

Track four:

ADD text again and position it at the bottom.  Drop this clip onto track four.

Track three text could be both the top and bottom, with the proper spacing, but it might be easier to do them separately.


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You can also try this assuming you do not want to crop or alter your main video.

  • Put  the  main  video on Video Track1
  • Add  a  Blank  frame to  Video Track 2  (the overlay track) and drag it out to the desired duration.
  • Add your requiredtext to Video Track 3. Use the controls to place it at the top of the frame. At this point you will just see your text on the blank frame. Your main video will be hidden by the overlay tracks.
  • Click the FX button on the left end of Video Track 2 and select CROP
  • Grab the bottom of the rectangle that comes up and drag it up to reveal your main video track image as far as is needed.

You should now have your text on a band at the top of the frame. Use the same method for text on a band at the bottom of the frame.



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  • 4 months later...


I think our suggestions are about as close as you will get. Text added directly to the video, even if added to the top or bottom of the frame would need to be adjusted using the Position effect (like our suggestion). There would be no background band (provided here with a cropped blank frame) and the nearest you would get to an integrated coloured band would be  the text set with a background colour. This would leave the text in box and not a band. Also depending on the font size used this may  not be centred within the background.

So, all in all the answer to the question is no. :(


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