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Create Sequence from Clip in VideoPad 5


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From .mp4 movie I have created a 'Clip' by setting beginning [in] and ending [out] points in the movie. Clip plays OK.

How do I create a 'Sequence' using this 'Clip'? Click and Drag clip to 'Timeline' or 'Storyboard' does nothing - the ''Clip' does not move and nothing is added to 'Sequence'

I wanted to create a movie ['Sequence'] from several clips from this movie. And insert titles [clips]  created in VP 5 to this movie. 

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In the clip preview there should be a button saying "Place" that puts the clip on the timeline when it is clicked..

If you want to drag and drop, 

  1. At the bottom of the white window on the middle left (where your clips are) there are two segments, "Timeline" and "Storyboard". Please click on "Timeline".
  2. Drag one of the clips from the white window on the middle left, to the middle-bottom of the main window.
  3. This should place the clip on the timeline, and it should auto-snap to the start of the sequence.



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