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Key assignments

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Hi. I'm trying to make DialDictate mimic the Lanier 800 so I removed many of the voice prompts (my clients want to dial in, enter their user ID, dictate and disconnect - no rewinding, deleting, replay, etc.) and they hate voice prompts. I also changed the key assignments - for example 2 is Record (end).


This was working pretty much as I wanted through the simulator, the keys were doing what I'd told them to do and the correct voice prompts were playing. Then I connected the 'phone lines, dialled in, and 2 had reverted to being the "Open a previously saved dictation" button. When I check the menu for key assignments, they're still as I set them. The simulator is doing the same thing - 2 is now "Open a previously ..." I've worked out what it's doing, but not why - before I plugged the 'phone lines in, after I logged in with my user ID and pressed # it was somehow bypassing the Main Menu. Now it isn't. Is it possible to get rid of the Main Menu and just go straight to the Record Menu? OR - is it possible to change the key assignments on the Main Menu?


Also - I've recorded my own voice prompts - they play back fine through the simulator - over the 'phone they're so faint they're inaudible. Any ideas? The DD default prompts play fine over the 'phone, so it's not a card (Dialogic) problem.


What's the difference between Done (send) and Send Immediately?


I desperately need to get this working - I'll lose my best typist if she can't work from home. Has anyone encountered this? Has anyone made DD act like the Lanier 800?


Thanks - Cath

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In settings > Options


check the following and that may help you with the key presses:


Send Files if caller disconnects without saving recording

Skip the main menu if there are no saved dictations

Skip done menu(Don't let user save or delete dictations)


As far as the voice being quiet I really have no suggestion excep to record the file at a higher volume on your Mic.

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When you record a prompt and the sound is too low you hit the "Change Voice Prompt Key" it gives you the option to edit. When you pick this it will bring up and install another little program called wave pad. Your little file will be there and you can punch up the sound quite a lot and clean it up. It is really neat.


My number is 520-792-1561. If you need help with this give me a call.

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