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Videopad Bug


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Can you elaborate on "works in preview, but shows one frame of the video in the editor", if it works on the VideoPad Preview window, no issues, you should be able to properly export and reproduce...

Please try the following configuration, 

Preset > Custom
File format > .MP4
Resolution > Use your system display resolution.
Frame Rate > 60.00
Constant frame rate > checked

Click Create.



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I have just updated to Videopad 5.01 today, and I am replying here to share something similar. Windows Media Player has always played any video that I created in VP perfectly prior to 5.01. But now Windows Media Player plays the sound of the vid but displays only a black screen. (I have tested this with a video that has a white screen at the start, to test whether WMP was playing the first frame of the video or nothing. It plays nothing as the screen remained black throughout a video that had not one black frame in it.) Now the data seems to be all there, as when I load into Sony Vegas the completed video that 5.01 had rendered, it seems to display and play correctly. But I just thought it was worth mentioning that prior to 5.01, VP rendered vids always played fine in WMP. But since 5.01, they do not display any picture at all in WMP. I am rendering a VP video in HitFilm as another test. I will report on how that goes soon. :)


Thanks guys. 

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