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We have recently updated our copy of Photostage to version 3.51, and we have noticed that we are no longer able to set up our videos the same as before.

Previously our videos could be set up as a square display for use on Facebook, and the images would fill the designated area. However, since we have updated the software we now get a large border around the images, reducing their overall size in the video.

Does anyone know how to change the settings so that the images fit the height/width of the video as required.

Additionally we are being informed, when we click create, that we can change the preview aspect ration in the Options dialogue box. But we cannot find that option at all. This means there is a conflict between the preview display and the export aspect ratios. Clicking on either Crop Edges or Resize to Fit has no effect on the exported video.

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Sadly the program does not have any option to change the aspect ratio to fit your images. Most likely what is happening is that your images have 4:3 aspect ratio while the program will export using widescreen 19:6 so in order to fit the 4:3 images to the 16:9 ratio it adds those black strips on the sides or top and bottom, that is called boxing.  As mentioned before at this moment the program does not offer the option to change these aspect ration but the NCH Software developers have been notified of this mismatch.

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The strange thing is that I have version 3.31 (unregistered) installed on another PC, and that version does not add the borders, so both the landscape and portrait images fill the height or width (as appropriate).

It seems odd that a later version of the software no longer does that and instead forces an unwanted border onto the slideshow.

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