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Search inside invoices

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No, there's no way to search in the way you're hoping.  You can search your list of invoices, but only for the fields that are displayed in the list.  I have not tried this, but you could perhaps change the title of "salesperson" to "PO#" and enter it there.  You would do that in Options/Invoice/Text.  Just a thought.

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Unfortunately what I need is inside invoices.

Each line item has a unique code and I would need to search at least that code (and even the descriptions, if possible) in order to determine whether a certain item was already invoiced. But I understand it is not possible.

Thank you

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Put in a suggestion for an improvement by going to Help/Send in Improvement Suggestion or Feedback.  That would be a good option to have.  A similar nice feature would be to be able to select an item from the Items List and see everyone who purchased one of them.  That can be done from Inventoria.  Unfortunately we have found that Inventoria and EI don't play nicely for us.  Other people have had no problems, though.

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