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Audio records when Debut=fullscreen, only... if then


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New  Debut Pro V 3.07, Windows-7, audio default to speakers:

Steaming program-Video from video.theblaze.com;

The only time it records sound, Debut is set to record FULLSCREEN.

If I enable MOUSE, it has breaking-up, static noise in audio.

I tried reducing the quality of the audio, makes no difference.

The source is Full HD 1920 px. I have no options on the source, 30 FPS,

...but capture audio indicator is varying 11 - 16. (Is that video?)

My household Cable Service tests at 56 Mbps.

Note please:

This is the most difficult (to use) support discussion / forum package that I have encountered with over 37 years of professional computer support.  News-groups are king.

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I've got it working most of the time. Much of the problem is me, assuming settings from last record attempt were still retained, and that's not the case for all settings. 

I still have occasional audio sync with video malfunctions;  Terminating browser and Debut Professional, then restarting solves the issue!

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