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[FR] Clicking on Subtitle -> Cursor Position


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Hi !

When clicking on a subtitle, the cursor is put at the end, outside the subtitle, so it is not display on the screen, which is very inconvenient for setting appearance.


Expected behavior: clicking on a subtitle put cursor at subtitle start, with subtitle visible on screen.

Did I missed something ?

Thanks for listening !

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Thanks for the help,

it doesn't work for me, probably something with timecode rounding.

As the idea is the minimize the amount of clicks and propose a user-friendly experience for subtitle editing/styling,

I contacted support for Feature Request. :P

Hoping to get heard, as this occurs for every subtitles, it can quickly make subtitle editing frustrating. ^^

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Thanks, it will help !

PREVIOUS FRAME button after clicking the title brings them up, but that is an extra step.

I'm sure this could be fixed NCH, but it would be even better if the cursor was placed at the subtitles start, so that we can check if it is really in sync.

That's why I wrote the FR.

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As you noted...On clicking the subtitle from the list the cursor will jump to the end of the highlighted section but as you pointed out this is not logical and will not display the subtitle in the preview screen.

As a quick workaround.......

  • Add the subtitles. They will appear between the IN/OUT markers whose section which will be highlighted.)
  • Click the subtitle you want to check in the list on the right. The cursor will jump to the end of the highlighted section.
  • Click the Go to Start button ( I< )  This will place the cursor at the start of the highlighted section and display the first frame of that subtitle.
  • You can now easily verify its position.
  • If it is not in the  correct place use the Previous Frame or the Next Frame buttons  to step the cursor line forwards or backwords and then the Start button to reset the IN point.




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I tried subtitle editing myself and found it is working okay. The cursor stop at the end is actually intended for adding continuous subtitles since new subtitles are always inserted at cursor position.

The only problem I can see here is that the text didn't show up when you click on a subtitle. I can't see this happen in the latest English version. I just noticed you are using a non-English version which is not updated as often as the English one.

Please try the latest English version. This issue might already been fixed.


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