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Free Version Hidden on VideoPad Official WebSite


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First of all, thank you for your great software, awesome work !
And thank you for making it affordable.

I have a question tough,

Why the link to the free non-commercial version is hidden for visitor who don't come from search engine results page ?


I don't understand,

it would be way much user friendly to provide this free version to everyone.

My mother used video pad and she panicked because she wasn't able to export her project (only a commercial pop up appeared when clicking on render) on which she was working since hours, and I felt guilty because I told her to use VideoPad cause it was free and cool,

then I discover that she didn't install the real free version because... the link was hidden for her.

Thanks for your explanations.

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I understand that,

I don't ask What, or How... just Why ?

Why hiding this free button for other people who share the link by emails for example ?

This is clearly marketing, but I don't understand this strategy. How is this supposed to increase sales ?

Are you sure it is the right thing to do for your potential users ?

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Sure I will !

Things to remember is that

  • this practice is very uncommon and you can't expect regular users to find the trick
  • users may have the feeling to be fooled by this strategy, because they downloaded videopad for free on the official website, but don't get the free version, so they may not even come back to check what was wrong. And feeling fooled is not a really good technics to increase sales.
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