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Adding text on top a video clip

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I am new here and hope this is the right place for my question.

Using "Videopad editor" I'm trying to 'put' text (moving or stable) on top of a video clip. When I click the text button, a text clip is opened

but the bacground is sort-of Blue-Purple - not transparent. In the video tutorial of the program it shows the text clip background is 

transparent. If I try to make the text clip in the program transparent, it maks also the text transparent. When I load this text clip on a second time-line

the video clip is slightly coverd with Bluish 'screen'.

My OS is win 10 pro.

Answers will be appreciated.



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You have your video clip on the timeline and you have clicked on the "Add Test" tab.This opens the text entry window. This window may have a default colour depending on the options mentioned below.

In the centre at the top of the window is a block of three options.

The top option allows you to add aText outline and the slider position determines the size of the outline. Clicking the square allows you to select an outline colour.

The middle option allows you to have

"Full Background"  The text will appear in a full frame of the selected colour.

"Text Background" The text will appear in a transparent frame but will have a background of the selected colour

"Editor Only" The text will appear with the editor frame only coloured. When on the timeline it will be on a transparent frame

So to put your text onto your clip so the it appears against your clip...

  1. Click "Add Text"
  2. Select your Font, size and colour.
  3. Enter your text.
  4. Select "Editor Only" and a suitable colour to contrast with the text so you can read it. (It won't show on the timeline)
  5. Add Shadow or Outline as required
  6. Add Justification (Right Centre Left) and basic position for the text (Top Middle Bottom)
  7. Add scrolling if required

Your text will now appear on Video Track 2 (The Overlay track) You can select the text image from the Clip window image bin and re-edit the text and its attributes if they are not what you want.


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Thanks so much for this, it is one of the best tutorials I got recently from a forum.

To access the text setting box is a little differant: at the right side of the text window there is a button with a font inside, clicking on it

opens the text settings, all the rest is almost the same.

Double-click on the text clip in the bin allso opens the text setting box.

I took a screen shot of this tutorial and saved it in the program's folder to have it when needed.

Thanks again.



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