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How to use Sequences


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If I have, say, 3 sequences which I want to put together, one after the other, to make my complete video, how do I do it?

Copy and Paste, including text media and music, ie 2 video track and 2 audio tracks, is somewhat difficult - or virtually impossibe.

There is nothing in the PDF instructions on how to deal with Sequences in this respect, nor can I see anything in the webpage instructions.

Please help!

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If you have created Sequences from a group of clips, they will appear in the Sequence bin and VP will empty the timeline.

You now treat them just like clips that you have in the clip bin. You can add them to the any of the Tracks by dragging and dropping or by selecting them in the sequence bin and using the green down arrow option to place them in different positons on any track.

If you cannot do this then what are you referring to when you say "Sequences"


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Thanks a lot, Nat.  I didn't realise that there was a "Sequence" bin!!!!

However, for some reason, all the 4 tracks are now merged into one, so not possible to make any further edits to anything that was on video track 2 or audio tracks 1 or 2.  Why is it designed like this?


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When you create a sequence using the "Sequence" and "Add" tabs,  the contents of the timeline  is converted into a singe new clip which is copied to the appropriate bin. The timeline is emptied so work can continue with other unused clips

If you look at the top of the Clip list window you will see the bin tabs....SequencesImage files/Audio files/Video files etc. I think the rational behind this is so the finished final editing of a section of a large project can be put to one side so that work can continue on another section without it slowing down the rendering of thumbnails etc.

You can still  of course, reload the sequence and incorporate it into the next part of the project. and continue to edit it but only in the form as another single clip.

However if it is important for you to retain the arrangement prior to creating the sequence it would be prudent to save the project. This way you could always open the .vpj file and do more editing on the original clips/tracks.



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  • 2 years later...

EXPORT applies only to the clips on the current sequence, which display all the tracks in the project...and in most cases that's sufficient.

If, however, there are several completed sequences that make up the complete video, follow this method...

1. Open a new, blank sequence by clicking the + that's to the right of the sequence tabs above the timeline.

2.  In the bin (top-left of the window), click the SEQUENCES tab.  All sequences will be listed. 


3.  Drop those sequences onto the blank sequence, then export that sequence.  In this example sequences 1, 2, 3 would be added to a new sequence 4.

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Borate has described a slightly more advanced method of video creation where separate sections of the project are worked on and then  temporarily stored as sequences. These are then later retrieved  joined up before being exported .

As an aside, I personally think the term Sequence ought to refer to these stored sections of your work whilst the clips etc. you have on the various tracks  ought to be referred to as the Timeline.  There would then be a Clip Preview window and a Timeline Preview window. This would avoid the confusion that sometimes crops up with the terminology.

However,  I feel you may be a more basic user (but please excuse me if you are not) and so I assume you have a series of clips or images from your camera that you have loaded to VP and you have placed them on one,  or more of the Video tracks and now, after suitable editing..(trimming/adding effects/titles and transitions, you wish to export them as a finished video.

This video could be a playable file on your PC or a video burnt onto a suitable DVD disc.

For a video on your PC....

  1. Left click the tab on the toolbar Export Video and then select Video File
  2. In the following Export Video screen Enter a name for your video...Note or change the destination folder, otherwise leave the entries as shown here... There are many choices and variables here but these should ensure that you will have a reasonable result.....
  3. aa.jpg
  4. Click create.
  5. The Export Queue window will now show a progress bar as your Video file is created...
  6. bb.jpg
  7. When complete, your video will be found in the designated folder and if double clicked should play on you PC if you have a suitable player like VLC.


If you want to save your Video to a standard disc...DVD-R or DVD-RW then.......

  1. Left click the tab on the toolbar Export Video and then select DVD Movie Disc
  2. Insert a suitable DVD disc into your Disc Drive.
  3. Enter  name for your disc or leave it untitled and for Burner select the name of your Disc drive in the list
  4. Choose PAL or NTSC depending on your location (there is help prompt).  Select aspect ratio (16:9)
  5. Click Create
  6. Select Verify but skip making a menu and
  7. Click Burn
  8. If all is OK your PC will burn a playable Video to the disc.

Note:    It's a good idea to Save your project before any export and for discs it's advisable to use a re-writable disc.   DVD-RW. That way you can always come back, load up the vpj fileand try again if things go wrong.


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  • 2 months later...

The Sequences tool is interesting, and I admit I had to come here to figure out that I could pull sequences in to sequences (and actually ended-up looping some sequences... there's a mental learning curve there).

One thing I just can't figure out is how to order the tabs of sequences. For example, I ended up with sequences that contain introduction and titles after the main sequence. I numbered them 1_1, 1_2, 2_1 etc.,  but they're out of order. I tried dragging the sequence tabs around but nothing happened.

Is there a way to reorder the sequence tabs?

Thanks again!

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  • Switch to list view
  • Click sequence to rename.
  • Press F2 and rename sequence. They will automatically relist in order
  • Click the name box at the top of the list and order will be reversed (remember the last sequence is a dummy)

If you want to use a specific name to describe the sequence that would otherwise put it out of order, start with aa-(name)   bb-(name)  etc.


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