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How to get rid off Switch shell menu entries?

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I had an older version installed [4.35]. It took me back then some tweaks in the registry to have it the way I wanted: with only "Convert to .flac" and "Convert to .wav" under the right-click menu, and with those file formats at the same time being playable via left click in my audio player

Now, after upgrading to version 5.12, I still have what I had, but sometimes also these entries:
- Convert video file
- Edit video file
- Convert with Switch Sound File Converter


Why does newer version adds these two first commands to some of video formats and to third one to video and audio formats; without asking first for permission? I do not have the
Other > Context Menu > Add Switch to the Windows Explorer right click-menu
selected. And yet it does not matter if I install new version over the old one or remove the old one, reset the system and then install the new one; and it does not matter if I re-select and de-select that option

Am I really suppose to go through registry, manually tracking all these entries [which are in multiple location as I already checked] and remove them by myself? Why does an audio user
like myself who sometimes does only audio conversion, who has nothing to do with videos aside from watching them, have to have his shell menu filled with commands of no use? Why does version 5.12 create such an issue while the 4.35 did not [4.35 had to be adjusted by me in regards to audio formats only]

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Certainly, the new version offers new features/options,

Now, if you'll like to know the reason why things are done, most of the times is due to:

a. Extensions based on functionality.
b. Fixes of old bugs/application issues. 

For more information contact the NCH support staff > supportnch@nchsoftware.com

Best regards, 


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I understand the idea behind adding new entries- they serve as an add [they inform you about the existence of VideoPad etc.]. But the user should be able to turn it off, once they are noticed- and their offerings are deemed by the user as unnecessary [because you do not edit videos]

I won't waste any more time on this preposterous problem. I will restore my system to the point when I had 4.35, which was working A-OK [aside from this bug: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/24293-ø-m4a-bug-x2/]. And when I will be finally forced to move up to Windows 10 [when Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7], then I will install Switch first- in hope that all the players and files associated to them will not get those useless for me shell entries [because they will be installed after Switch]

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