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MS Word Crashing


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I am working on an issue for my client. She has a Windows 10 laptop and the current version of MS Word. When she is using Express Scribe for her job it causes MS Word to continually crash. Leaving Express Scribe off she can type in Word all day long without it crashing. However since she is a transcriptionist she needs both programs working at the same time. I have done a lot of testing on this issue. And tried many different things to resolve it. I have also ran SFC and DISM on her computer to make sure there is no Windows corruption. I have updated Express Scribe to the most current version available. Still MS Word continues to crash with Express Scribe. The event log shows the faulting application as winword (of course we know that) and the faulting module as ntdll.dll. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any further suggestions?

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I'm a transcriptionist, too and have been using Express Scribe for years and years... and this crashing thing just started happening to me this week.  Not only that, but it'll be either one or the other that crashes, ES or Word, or my entire computer.  I reinstalled Windows thinking my daughter may have downloaded a virus that was not detectable because none of my other programs were doing this.  Even after the reinstall, it still did it.  Both programs or the whole computer.  I then fully reinstalled Windows and reinstalled all of my programs and just when I thought I was in the clear, I got a playback failure twice, and the shutting down of the entire computer making me lose nearly 20 minutes of work... it's just extremely time consuming having to restart everything and then have it do it over and over again.

I've tried everything... and i mean everything.  I've changed permissions in the DEP, and then it started crashing even more!  I don't even have that exception anymore and it still says that ES crashed because of an unusual exception in the DEP, even though it's totally not even listed there anymore and I did that before I even reinstalled Windows (twice), and the permission shouldn't have been in there after the second install.


I'm getting extremely frustrated because I just got this contract and need the money badly... and I seriously cannot have this happening every 15 minutes.  

Good luck!  I hope you find a solution!  I actually have a bachelor's in web administration and IT and I can't figure this out...




So... I thought I had fixed the problem with updated codecs... no such luck.  I finally broke down and called my dad who is a computer genius... he fixed it in like two minutes... something that I had been researching for weeks.  

Basically, you have to go into your Express Scribe folder in your program files.  Then, right click on the Scribe.exe application.  Then, run a compatibility test.  Choose Windows 7.  Test the program to see if it opens.  If it opens, use those settings.  

If you don't do this, then it eats up all of your memory, hence shutting down other programs or your entire computer (my problem!).  Another suggestion is turning off the sound enhancements in your sound control panel>properties of your device, disable all enhancements.  This takes up a ton of memory, too.  

After weeks of trying to figure out this solution, this actually worked and I have had no problems since! 

Hope this helps anyone who's having the same issue! 

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Hi emyallydez16


I've been having this problem over the last couple of weeks as well, despite running Word and Express Scribe for 7 years with no issues!

I have downloaded the most recent version of ES but it still happened so I'm reluctant to purchase it again but I do need it for my work.

I will try your dad's fix and hopefully that will resolve the issue.  Thank you for posting your problem and the fix.

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