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Zulu? Playlist Selection order - v: 3.70


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Hi, I have just switched from an alternative software and with Zulu I cant seem to set a playlist and then get it played in the order that the list is in. If I make a blank playlist, then pick songs from library, right click & add song to playlist, so far so good, until, I then go to play the songs in Auto, not Auto and Shuffle, and it starts with first song, then jumps down the list to a song not in sequence with the list. I tried changing the order of the list by dragging and dropping songs in the playlist, and that doesn't function. Previous software I used, you could change playlist, live, and Auto would play your list in order. At the moment this software cant be used professionally as I have, keyboard, sequencer & kaossilator connected and don't have time to sit there and manually wait and put my songs in order, since Auto wont do it. Does NCH intend on fixing this, or do I go back to functioning software that has been designed for the users interest.

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Zulu offers an online manual for beginners, I will suggest to review this before trying to use the software tools and options. Click on the link below >




If you need further assistance, contact the NCH support staff > supportnch@nchsoftware.com


Best regards,

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