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Cannot completely cover FULL FACE disk labels.

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After trying several label types, including generic, I was unable to reduce the inner (center) hole diameter less than 0.61 inches. This turns out to be the exact diameter of my Full Face disk label paper. The lease little bit of movement of the paper through the printers paper path exposes an un-printed edge some ware around the inside of the disk. I even incrementally reduced the image to less than 100% using my printers controls.....this did not work because the MAX outer diameter of 4.70" is not large enough and now exposes an un-printed edge on the outside of the disk label. Am I the only using Full Face {smallest diameter) label paper? Please let me know what you are doing to use this software. I have no operating latitude.

I can see where this would not be a problem for all those of you who use larger un-printed areas around the center hole....all you have to do is reduce the un-printed hole size, smaller and smaller, until your print fully covers. I am already maxed out. Thanks in advance for you help.

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