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How to start a new year?

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You could either start another business for each year, or you could add a prefix to the invoice number. I haven't tried that, but it might keep EI from giving you that error message. Or, you could keep the invoice numbers moving forward (not change them back to "1") and just add a prefix for the year.



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Thank you Teri. Adding a prefix to the invoice number works. This looks like a workaround though and I don't like it very much. Is it possible to suggest a new feature, e.g. the possibility of starting a new year with the same business? It seems this important feature is missing in the software.

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Here is a link to suggest new features. If the link doesn't work or doesn't apply to your version (mine is 4.6.4), go to Help on your menu and select Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback.



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