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Application (.exe) file has no content (Win10)


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When I download the switchsetup.exe file, the icon shows up but there is zero content, so it won't open. A pop up window appears "This App Can't Run On Your PC" (duh)


I have tried all the available download links at their various locations, with the same result. I have never had this issue with any other software downloads so I doubt it's PC related.


I have already made the purchase so I'm committed at this point :)


Any thoughts?

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We have had repeated issues of a antivirus considering our products viruses and marking/deleting the downloads. We are working the av companies and gets them unlisted.


So it is either

a) your local antivirus is deleting it as a virus. Try disabling it and re-download and run

B) Windows 8/10 it could be Windows SmartScreen but you can tell it 'Run anyway'

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