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VOB files won't upload to VP in entirety.


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We just purchased the most recent version of VideoPad (ver. 4.56 for Os X El Capitan) in an effort to edit down a couple of decades worth of family videos.

The videos of various lengths are all .vob format.

We have spent the last two hours trying to open the videos in VideoPad but they are only loading a short snippet of each video no matter what we try to do.

We have verified the video length in the original folders and are able to open the entire video in other viewing programs but in VideoPad it just uploads as a short clip.

What are we missing?

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Do all VOB files fail to load?

Can you upload one that fails to GoogleDrive or Dropbox where we could check it? You may send the link via private message.


I assume the VOB files are not from a copy protected DVD as they're family videos.

I've tried the latest version with VOB files copied from my own home DVDs and they get imported successfully.


Please check your inbox too. I sent the link for the older version that you can try.



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