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Have I configured something wrongly here?

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I have installed the Switch Sound Converter and have installed the license on my Windows 10 desktop.

I am trying to convert .wma files to .mp3 or .m4a but am having an odd issue.

The file conversion goes ahead but the resulting file is cut off so that if I have converted an AudioBook it will be missing about half the book!


I have tried several conversion formats and I know the .wma files are OK since I can play them on most media players.


Any suggestions to what I might be doing wrong here?



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The issue could be related to the size of the file you are converting, does the issue you are reporting happen with small .wma files? One thing you can try to do is to split the audiobook into small portions and convert. Currently the program does not have a size limitation but it could be that your computer temporary folder is getting too big and that could be causing the issues with the files getting converted partially. if you need more assistance on this matter it would be better to submit a support ticket through this link to get a more appropriate answer http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html

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