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Chart of Accounts - Printing

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I am using the Free Version of Express Accounts. In my End of Month Reporting, I have a need to Print my Current Active Chart of Accounts containing Live Figures. This is not apparently possible, as there is no Print Button to Select. Has anyone found a workaround for this.

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I have also found this frustrating. Here is my work around, not very good but usable for me. I am using a Windows computer. I open the chart of accounts to display as many of the accounts as physically possible on my monitor. I then do a screen print of the page, using Alt+Print Screen. I then open word and paste the screen print. I can print the document but it is displayed as an picture so there is little else that can be done with it.

I go back to Express accounts and move the slider to show the rest of the accounts and repeat the process.


When I have wanted a "nicer" view without duplicating the heading and several line of the Chart of Accounts, I have manipulated the screen prints in a program called paint.net. Paint.net allows me to crop the duplication and just have the Chart of Accounts.


I would love to find out if anyone else has a better work around.

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