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Use of Dates


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During Testing this Software, I set up my Chart of Accounts Commencing Balances, based on a previous End of Month Report that had Data at End of Month (30/09/2016)

I did not give consideration to the fact that I was entering the Account Period Balances on the Date of 14/11/2016. I was expecting to see a Date Control when I was entering this Data.


Should I have changed my Computer Date and Time to 30/09/2016, while I was entering these Balances, to prevent Date related issues????


What effect will the use of Date 14/11/2016 for Opening Balances have when I come to enter Data for the next period ending 31/10/2016.


Is there anything I need to do to prevent issues relating to Dates, if I enter this Data with the current date of 15/11/2016 or later.



Owen Carlton


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