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RANT about worthless POS software and company


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I hate this software. And the company. When I first puchased it, a couple of years ago, I was charged for a version I didn't want, and multiple emails were never returned. OK, I ate the money. Using the software, I was ticked off to discover that tracks could not be rearranged. Finally, I was told "it's a Mac issue."


A few days ago, like a fool, I bought the upgrade, hoping that that issue had been resolved. Sort of. You can move tracks up, but not down. Oh, well. I had some CDs that had to be burned for a project. When I checked them, THEY WERE BURNED IN REVERSE ORDER. I checked the saved projects, the tracks had been reversed. I had to trash about a dozen CDs.


I downloaded Toast, and redid everything.


I will never buy another product from this company, and I will tell everyone I know how worthless and unresponsive NCH has been.


<Rant off>

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