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Video Pad Crashes on exporting project


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Hello there! I have worked for a couple of weeks on a project and today when I was supposed to export the videofile Videopad chrashed. I have tried the whole day on different drives, I have restarted my PC, changed the the output-file to different formats, reinstalling the program etc. But nothings helps. Some of the times it says that its stopping background queue/threads before it crashes. Other times it says that i'm running low on memory, but when i check i have a lot of memory and CPU-power left. Sometimes it says "runtime error......" for a second before it crashes. And if it does'nt crash instantly it says something like "export queue - 0 of 1 complete and then it does'nt move from 0,0 % complete even if i leave it for hours! Sometimes it creates a small MP4-file with little or no content.


Please, help me!


I'm working on an laptop with Intel i7-processor, 8gb ram-memory and NVidia Geforce GTX 960m graphic. /Jorgen

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From what is visible in your posted images, you seem to have some 28 video tracks running from only 17 clips. (Audio tracks are not visible but I assume there are a similar number). This seems to be a lot. VP is supposed to be able to cope with multiple tracks but there was a similar problem recently due to the number of Audio tracks.


Save your project then try....


1) Deleting all the tracks except 1-3 and see if that exports.


3) If it can manage that OK then move the clips up/or down to reduce the number of tracks. Clips can overlap without having to have their own track.


Edit: That is; you can overlap Track 2 on Track 1 continuously with an occasional Track3.....


.... .... .... Clip2 on Track 2 ............... Clip4 on Track 2..............Clip6 on Track2

Clip1 on Track 1 ....... Clip3 on Track 1 ......... Clip5 on Track 1 .........etc.



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Mine is overlaped? How do I do that on the same track? It's clips from a concert with my own band so the transitions both in film and sound is important!


If you must use separate tracks in lieu of transitions between clips, A/B roll them as Nat suggests, above. This will minimize track usage, while still accommodating overlaps.

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This is top of Google and none of the above helped me but I did cobble things together from various threads. If you have a lot of tracks VideoPad really struggles and often stops exporting - even says it has completed the job successfully when its no where near done!

So if you can't reduce your tracks here is another option.

  •  Click on the Sequences tab - not the one mid left but the one top left (beside Video Files, Audio Files, etc. Its usually called 'Sequences (1)'
  •  Click on the actual sequence (there is usually only one called 'Sequence 1'. It will show in the Clip Preview window
  • Leave the start time as 0:00:00.000 and set the end time to 0:01:00.000
  • Now Export the video - it will export the first 60 seconds only
  • Repeat for 0:01:00.000 to 0:02:00.000 and so on

Now open a new VideoPad project, import all the exports you have just created, stack them next to each other and export them to get your final project. Because you will only have two tracks (I've also tried this by adding a third and fourth track) there doesn't seem to be any issue and I've exported up to 11 minutes which comes out find in HD.

Note you might be able to get away with more than 1 minute exports or you might need to do 30 second exports. It seems very much to depend on how many tracks you have

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