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VST`s..Cant configure

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Mixpad is not finding the VST`s ( VoxengoOldSkoolVerb ) I have installed. Im pretty certain I have the path correct but no matter where I put them , Mixpad wont find them !

I thought maybe the VST itself wasnt compatible or something but its the same story with BlueCat . These are all free ones and come from the sites that NCH suggest for free plugins.

The path is this ; C\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\vstplugins ; is this my problem ?

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I've had a similar issue.    VST's are stored at C:\vst.    VST folder has two folders  that contain the dll's  .

Hierarchy like this:







Cannot get MixPad to recognize the VST's.

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I also am beating my head against the studio wall, Ive just spent nearly £200 on the Gold eddition of multi plugins recommended by NCH and have tried everything suggested to no avail, all the plugins are now in the  drive Program Files (x86) in the VST folder.......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am having the same problem, I even tried to Refresh VSTs in the FX section. You can see it finds some VSTs but not the other ones. Like I can’t get Nectar 3 to load into Mixpad and this is an essential VST that has a vocal assistant that analyzes your vocal track and it does the compression, EQ, Reverb etc.. it feels that will sound good for your Vocal. You can still adjust after if you want too. I need it to work with Mixpad. 

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And me too. Upgraded to the Masters edition, so I could access the VST plugins. The closest I can get to is "add VST" on a single track, but when I select the .dll file, MixPad tells me "Can't load the VST Plugin correctly, please choose another one." I don't want to load another one, I want to load THIS one!

I've downloaded some cheap and nasty VST hosts and they access these same ones no problem. What's going on?

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