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For start "Save project File" or Save Project File As" That way you can always come back to it.


This a question about basic editing it seems....


Simply run the cursor to the start of the section you want to retain and splt the tracks. Run cursor to the end of the segment and split the tracks again. Delete the unwanted sections leaving the bit you want. Close any gaps (like at the start)

Now export.
















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Isolate the clip per Nat's suggestions. Select it and press <ctrl-C> or right-click|COPY.

Open a new sequence by click on the + sign.


Place the mouse cursor in the timeline area and click <ctrl-V> or right-click|PASTE.

Export that sequence.

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"Thanks, but I meant without deleting anything."


Well, you could try this..


With the timeline holding the complete set of clips you want to edit click the "Sequence tab on the top toolbar and then "New Sequence"

This clears theTracks and creates a sequence of the timeline (It will now be one whole clip).

Go to the "Sequence" bin and click the sequence you just made (Don't put on the timeline Just select it)

You will now be in Clip Preview mode so using the IN and OUT markers under the preview screen isolate the section you require and then use the "Place" button to put that section onto the empty timeline.


Now EXPORT it.


When this has finished click the blue UNDO arrow 2-3 times to return to the original unedited timeline........Nothing deleted and your section is exported.



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