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No sound, video looks great


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Hi. I am using an Easy Capture Video Capture connected to my USB. Debut captures the video wonderfully but there is no sound. Under Tools\Options my Video is set to OEM Device but for Audio the OEM Device choice does not appear. VirtualDub presents OEM Device as a chopice for BOTH Video and Audio.


Any ideas? I have v3.01 and am running Windows 7 Professional.

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Despite the guides saying that Debut has the option of selecting speaker output as audio input into Debut, it does not have that option. It can only accept the PC's microphone as an input - clearly of no use if you are capturing video from either an external device or from a web-based video from Youtube, etc. I'm running Debut on an iMac and have found the ideal solution. A free app called Soundflower works as a virtual audio device which you can select as audio output from the PC and as audio input to Debut (it does appear as an input option in the Audio selection in the Debut preferences).

I know this is a Mac solution but there must be a PC equivalent, so it's worth doing some web searches.

The Mac version is avaiable at https://www.fluxforge.com/blog/soundflower-os-x-10.11-10.12-macOS-sierra/

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